Casino Betsafe

Betsafe is a betting site that also offers poker and an online casino. While poker and betting is all good, what we’re really interested in is the casino part. In fact, Betsafe offers both a traditional online casino and a live one; live casino meaning you play against real dealers using streaming video, which means the games move much more slowly than usual – almost like they would at a “real” casino! Whether this is good or bad is debatable. Some claim the slower games makes it less likely that you lose a lot of money quickly. On the other hand, you will also be less likely to win quickly when you’re on a winning streak. Furthermore, the number of live games available is limited to roulette, baccarat, blackjack, casino hold’em and 3 card poker. If you’re interested in any of these, especially blackjack, you should definitely try the live casino.

But the “normal” casino has a lot more games to offer, especially video poker and video slots. It’s also here you’ll find the jackpot games – the games where you can win millions of pounds. Betsafe offers over 25 jackpot games, from Mega Fortune to Conan the barbarian, where, with a lot of luck, you’ll be able to win big. Moreover, many of those games are also fun so that you’d want to play them even if there was no jackpot to be won. All in all, Betsafe offers pretty much everything somebody looking for some fun casino games could want.