Casino Games

In the past decade or so, casino gaming online has simply exploded in popularity. This is of course a natural result of new modern technology, and especially the Internet itself, being developed and making it possible for people to play against each other across vast distances. Before the online revolution, the number of places where you could play casino games was limited. In Sweden they were even illegal, and many associated casino games with gambling the giant casinos of Las Vegas.


In addition to the spatial dimension, we’re also victims of time and interest. The time dimension is lost to some extent inside a regular casino, which of course often provides services round the clock (and have no clocks on the walls or window that shows what time of day it is). But time still controls us when we visit the real life casinos: we can often find more opponents and guests in the casino on Friday night, than we could on a Tuesday afternoon, and even the seasons and the weather can, to some extent, control our ability to play certain casino games. Interest is the third factor that controls us, and not just our own level of interest in certain games, but also other people’s interest. If, for example, we are only interested in playing Blackjack, we may skip the casino with only one blackjack table to every hundred slot machines. If we are interested in poker, but nobody else is there, we’ll find it difficult to play.

When playing casino games online, all these limitations disappear and become non issues, and that is probably why this form of gambling, leisure, activity or business (depending on who you are) has become so hugely popular worldwide. Online casinos are always open, day or night any day of the year and there are always opponents somewhere in the world who share your interests. Together, these factors have paved the way for an evolution that in just a decade has driven the casino’s success far beyond what they could even hope to achieve in the 1900s.

Casino games online are clearly here to stay. Why even step foot on a hot, noisy and crowded casino floor when you can get started in five minutes and play slot machines, blackjack, roulette and poker right in your own living room? All it takes is a little knowledge, a computer with internet access and the courage to try. Both the courage and the computer you will have to provide yourself of course, but beyond that there is no lack of online casinos to play in!