We thought about naming this post Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, but there simply wasn’t enough room. RPGs or Role Playing Games, have been around forever it seems. Played in real life, on boards and, in the last couple of decades, on computer screens, role playing games seem to strike a chord with a great many people around the world. A huge part of their appeal is naturally the players own ability to affect and influence the game play as well as the outcome of each game, thus creating small miniature worlds every time one plays.

MMORPGs are a natural consequence of the vast success of RPGs meeting the Internet. The rise of broadband Internet connections is tightly synced with some of the fastest evolutions in recent years. Not only creating a huge market for online casino and online poker, broadband also made it possible to create massive, online based, virtual worlds in which players can act, react and engage with each other and computer based characters. The best and most recent example representing the MMORPG genre is of course WoW i.e. World of Warcraft. Staying true to the genres origins it is based in a fantasy inspired world where players have the full freedom to wander off on their own, join teams or clans, performing quests and tasks, or just socializing with others.

A huge part of most of these games is the ability to level up and gain new skills or strengths that can help you complete harder and harder tasks and missions. And reflecting the way we naturally evolve in our own physical lives, are the MMORPGs really so different from them? To be honest? No.
And that is definitely one of many reasons for their massive success in recent years.